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Topics: Auditing, Internal audit, Audit Pages: 3 (664 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Lesson Plan
Semester March – July 2013

Course Name:INTERNAL AUDITINGCourse Code: AUD 571Credit Hours: 3 HOURS| Learning outcomes| At the end of the course, students should be able to:1. Explain the differences between internal and external auditing.2. Introduce the role of internal auditing in corporate governance.3. Evaluate the professional conduct and ethics of an auditor.4. Discuss the behavioral issue in relation to internal auditing.5. Discuss on the purpose, framework and scope of quality assurance in internal audit work and considering the external review, self-assessment and internal assessment.6. Assess the system and risk based auditing process, field work, sampling and reporting.7. Discuss the process of report writing, timing accuracy and perspective of internal audit report.8. Relate the red flag indicators and the fraud investigation techniques including deterrence, detecting and reporting of frauds.9. Explain the use of technology in internal auditing, auditing the system development and e-commerce.10. Discuss the current issues facing the internal auditing profession.| Week| Topics| Hours| Learning levels| Reference|

1| Overview of Internal Auditing * Defining Internal Auditing * Types of Internal Auditing * Development of Internal Auditing Profession * Differences between Internal Auditing and External Auditing * Factors for the Re-Imaging of the Internal Auditing Profession * The Roles of Institute of Internal Auditors | 4| 1,2| Chapter 1| Week| Topics| Hours| Learning levels| Reference|

2| International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) * International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (ISPPIA) * Code of Ethics| 4| 1,2,3| Chapter 2 & 3| 3| Internal Auditing and Corporate Governance * Defining CorporateGovernance * Overview of Corporate Governance in Malaysia * Regulation & Guidelines AffectingInternal Auditing Function *...

References: 1. Puan Sri Datin Dr Mary Lee Principles and Contemporary Issues in Internal Auditing, Second Edition, McGraw Hill. 2. International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) – Latest revision 2013. |
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