Final Exam Study Guide

Topics: Catechism of the Catholic Church, Pope John Paul II, Catholic Church Pages: 2 (265 words) Published: April 17, 2012
CAT 120: Introduction to Catechetics
Final Exam Study Guide
Fall 2011 Semester

Explain and discuss the following topics in light of the course readings and class lecture/discussion. Answers will be graded primarily on the depth and thoroughness of response – please develop your answers so that they reflect an understanding of the readings and class lecture/discussions. You will be given five questions, out of which four will need to be answered.

1. Using Christifideles Laici chapter 2, describe the important features of the mystery of Church communion.

2. What do we learn from CCC 234, 221 and 260 about the mystery of Church communion?

3. What does Christifideles Laici chapter 3 contribute to a proper understanding of the dignity of every human person and the relation of this truth to all human rights?

4. Chapter four of Christifideles Laici addresses the unique evangelistic contributions that various groups of the lay faithful make within the vineyard. Describe two of these groups and Blessed John Paul II’s insights into their unique work in the world.

5. Compare and contrast two of the definitions of “catechesis” which were examined in class. Be sure to state the exact wording of these definitions and provide an analysis of their emphases.

6. Msgr. Kelly describes four frameworks through which we understand modern catechetics. Be prepared to explain any of these frameworks.

7. The Guide for Catechists reflects specifically on four characteristics of the spirituality that is particular to catechists. Be prepared to discuss thoroughly any of these four characteristics. Why are these characteristics vital to the catechist’s spiritual life?
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