GDP of emerging countries

Topics: Macroeconomics, Business cycle, Economics Pages: 10 (1795 words) Published: September 30, 2014

Name: Nigel Mak Jun Kit (MAK12244791)

Course: Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management

Subject: Economics & Global Impacts (MAN503)

Date: 15th May 2013

Lecturer: Craig Kingsley

Tutor’s Name: Marcela Fang

Title: The GDP in emerging countries

Table of Content
Executive Summary ----------------------------------------------------------- 3 1. Introduction
1.1 Why considering Malaysia as a developing country? -------------- 4

2. GDP of the country for the most recent year that data is available 2.1 Total amount of GDP
2.2 Amount of spending in term of:
2.2.1 Consumption (C)
2.2.2 Investment (I)
2.2.3 Government spending (G) & Tax (T)
2.2.4 Exports (X)
2.2.5 Imports (M) ----------------------------------------------- 5

3. Graph of GDP growth for the country for the past ten years ---------- 6

4. Analysis of Business Cycle ------------------------------------------------ 7 – 8

5. Considering Government Spending (G) for the past ten years -------- 8

6. Conclusion ------------------------------------------------------------------- 8

7. Reference List --------------------------------------------------------------- 9 -10 Executive Summary
This report will be discussing an emerging or developing country. Malaysia will be chosen for this report as it is a developing country but in a rather slow pace because of the current issues happening and also large amount of government spending for major projects. This report analyse the country’s economy and its business cycle for the past ten years and also will be discussing if the government have a deficit or surplus budget. The information used was mainly from economic websites about the country and also a little of previous experience. On the other hand, the limitation for this report is the lack of information is the country’s GDP growth rate figures. Malaysia is on the upper middle class based on the income level which is USD $8,770 billion per capita which is not a bad thing compared to other country. According to Malaysia’s GDP got a total of $278.671 billion at the year of 2012. The country has a total of three business cycles during the past ten years (2001-2011). Also the government spending was getting more and more for major projects and the return was slow, in result the budget is on the deficit category.

1. Introduction
1.1 Why considering Malaysia as a developing country?

Why Malaysia was chosen as a developing country in this report is because it is still not developed like other country such as Singapore and many other developed countries. As the former Prime Minister of Malaysia says ‘for a developed country, it must have a good infrastructure, an educated and well-trained workforce, a large middle-class income, and a good technological and industrial capacities’ and these are the few characteristic that a well-developed country should have.

Malaysia is considered as an upper middle income on the income group which consists of few groups. The group are divided according to per capita and is based on USD (billons), the first group, lower income, $1,025 or less, second, lower middle income, $1,026 - $4,035, third, upper middle class, $4,036 - $12, 475, and lastly the high income $12,476 or more (THE WORLD BANK 2013). Malaysia has $8,770 per capita (2011) therefore falling to the upper income level group (THE WORLD BANK 2013).

Another reason that Malaysia is chosen is because the country is a leading exporter of electrical components, palm oil, natural gas, and also produces tin and rubber (THE WORLD BANK 2013). This can potentially help Malaysia to become a well-developed country if the government sorted its resource well and therefore resulting in an increase of GDP.

2. GDP of the country for the most recent year that data is available 2.1 Total Amount of GDP
The total amount of GDP in Malaysia is USD $278.671 billion as of the year 2012(Trading Economics 2012). It is also the...
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