How to Wash a Car- Outline

Topics: Automobile, Vehicle, Truck Pages: 2 (403 words) Published: January 16, 2013
INTRO:I. When it is Sunday afternoon and you are just taking a nap after watching some football, and then out of nowhere your dad and/or mom gets up and makes you wash his/her car. II. This a very unfortunate event at the time of receiving this project, but i am here today to make easy, fast and fun.

If you want to start this project and make it fast and easy you should retrieve these basic tools: A. You will need one car
B. One giant sponge
C. Two buckets
D. One bucket filled with water, the other with soapy water
E. A hose that you can use to fill up the buckets and/or if you need any more water (depends on size of car). Now identify your type of wash and type of car.

A. The smaller the car the faster that you will be able to finish. This type of car won't be in the mud and dirt as much as the other parts. This car is more of a city car. This car will be the easiest to wash. B. The SUV type is a medium sized car. This type of vehicle would get dirtier than the previous because it can take harsh conditions better. It will get more mud and dirt on it. C. The Hummer/ Truck is a big sized car. This type of vehicular device is made for off road driving and will get dirty no matter what you were driving on or where you were driving. This car will be the hardest type of car to wash.

1. Rinse the vehicle with a light layer or water with your hose. 2. Put your sponge into the soap water
3. Rub the sponge on the car multiple times. ( if it looks like it needs more water/ soap you can dip it back into the soapy bucket again) 4. Rinse off all the soap with water from the hose.
5. Repeat steps 2-4 until it looks spotless.
6. Let the vehicle dry.

Make sure that all of this was done on your lawn so that you dont waste and water and that the soapy water doesn't run off. Conclusion:
This is an easy way to wash a car, SUV, or truck. Hopefully you will learn from this and use this method instead of paying for it. Thank you.
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