Humanists, Lollards, Lutherans, Etc.

Topics: Henry VIII of England, Protestant Reformation, 16th century Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: September 6, 2013
Humanists: sought to revisit the original biblical texts to re-establish a purer religion. Lollards: since the 14th century. Challenged some of the core religious teachings of the Church. The majority of these were to be found in areas of the Midlands and the east of England; the majority of the supporters were from the literate artisan or merchant class. Lutherans: those who had taken up the teachings of Martin Luther, who had challenged the key beliefs of the Catholic church and his POV was that it was more important for the individual to establish his/her relationship with God rather than through community action and the priest. Believers in Royal Supremacy: new ideas were being used to examine the relationship between the monarchy and God and the Catholic Church. It was this later questioning which was to present the most immediate challenges to the status quo in England.

Religious Reformers and Conservatives
* Affected not only by religion but also politics and economics * Based on a rediscovery of Latin and Greek texts, and leading humanists such as Thomas more spent considerable time learning Greek and translating key texts. * Humanists believed in the basic principles of the Catholic faith, especially the notion of free will. * They sought to purify the ideas of religion from errors which had developed through translations. * Their idea of progress depended on demystifying primary texts and restoring them to their original state. * By the 16th century leading humanists such as Erasmus, Grocyn, Linacre, John Colet and More himself were moving around Europe and spending time in London and Universities such as Cambridge, sharing ideas and commenting on each other’s work. * It is critical that the development of humanist ideas was based on published texts rather than religious beliefs which were conveyed through an oral tradition and were accepted without question. * Thinkers such as more were willing to offer...
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