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Chapter 1—Innovative Management for Turbulent Times

MINI CASE: Hector,  who is a Hispanic,  has been working  for a promotion for a long time. He works  for a shipping company  on the loading dock. The company  is located in rural North Carolina. His job  has been to drive a forklift and  to occasionally load by hand boxes  into large trucks. He reports  to a loading supervisor  who coordinates all the work  of four forklift operators and  makes sure the loads  are accurate and  ready to go on time. Finally,  Hector’s hard work  has paid off for him.  His supervisor, Paul,  has been promoted, and  Hector was recommended  to take his place. He has now been  the supervisor for two weeks. Already  he has begun to worry about

 whether he should have taken  the job or not. He just can’t seem  to get the men working  for him to move fast enough. Frequently,  his loads are late  in being finished and  often they contain the wrong boxes. He cannot understand  where he is going wrong. As a forklift operator  he always received excellent ratings and  has always been a hard worker.


What are some possible explanations for Hector’s problems?


If you were Hector’s boss, what would you recommend that he do?

Chapter 2—The Evolution of Management Thinking
MINI CASE: STUDY GUIDE: PAGE 41 – 42: Ivan  has just been promoted  to be the manager  of McDonald’s second restaurant  in Moscow. Ivan     has been working for the company for the past two years as an assistant manager.

He is one  of four persons  sent to first Canada  and then to the United States to Hamburger University  for training  prior to the opening  of the first McDonald’s in Moscow. Although  it has been difficult  to change the way restaurants  were perceived in the ole Soviet Union,  McDonald’s  has been a success and  it is ready to open its second store. Ivan   has been working very hard for McDonald’s.

At the same time  he has been reading  about management in Western countries and  has been very impressed  with many of the theories. Since     Q1 Q2 he has been promoted to open and train the personnel for the new store, he is wondering what approach he should use.

Pick an approach to management that Ivan should not use and explain why not. Pick the approach you feel would be most appropriate for Ivan to use and explain the reasons for your choice.

Chapter 5—Managing Ethics and Social Responsibility

MINI CASE: STUDY GUIDE: PAGE 109 Gwen Ferguson is a Communications Management Consultant in Charlotte, North Carolina. She conducts various workshops to help persons improve communication skills. Most of the work she does is “in-house” training. She goes to the place of business of the client and conducts training sessions for the employees of the client. She is very good at what she does and stays very busy. Recently, Gwen was approached by a college executive training centre to provide training for a client. She was asked to visit with the client and design a series of workshops to be provided through the executive training center. Gwen met with the client and had a very good meeting. She and the client agreed on 12 different training sessions for Gwen to present. In the course of the discussion the client representative, Mr. Brown, said, “I wish we could just take the middleman out of this arrangement. Would it be possible for us to hire you directly rather than your going through the college’s executive training center?”


How would you answer this question if you were in Gwen’s position? Gwen said that she felt that she had a moral obligation to work through the college since it had provided the contact in the first place. Mr. Brown said he understood. Gwen then provided the college with the outline of proposed workshops. The director of the college executive training center said to Gwen, “You know that we will only tell you how much we will pay you for...
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