Topics: Pope Pius II, France, French Revolution Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: April 10, 2013
De-Christianization of France—lead to the creation of State Schools. However there are not enough teachers. 1 out of 5 children are able to get educations.

Development of the Cult of Reason, Goddess of Liberty—Abandoned because of the fear that rural peasants would abandon the state if it endorsed this idea. •Cult of the Supreme Being
Marriage is a civil contract—married in a city hall—no longer religious. •300,000 French people were imprisoned during the Terror—1 out of 50. March through August. •Napoleon is 26 when he starts to conquer land. 1799ish

With 50,000 men he takes Italy
Invades Egypt—deprives British of their trade with India. Torture is made illegal, equality within the law, •Brumaire—Made a consulate that modeled the Roman system. Napoleon isn’t the only consulate but the most well known. Domestic Napoleon 1799-1815

Why Napoleon—War Hero, smart, young, extremely successful, people want order and stability. •Napoleon relates to the middle road of politics.
Hates aerostatic privileges.
Authoritian control
Legislative function of the directory is lost. Creates new structure—Counsel of State—appointed by Napoleon who believes they are “experts” in their field. •The system of everyone being appointed by basically a utilitarian regime lasts for 150 years. •Censors and cuts down the number of newspapers.

No organized opposition parties.
Liberal activists are silenced.
Concordat with Pope Pius II—eliminates opposition to him with Roman Catholics—RC is made the “preferred” religion of France. •Free expression of religion for everyone.
Education is going to go back to the church.
French Government pays all Priests Salaries.
Back to 7 day christen calendar.
Reasserts the role of the father and the patriarch—makes feminists and women mad. •Encourages new farming techniques
Takes some former nobles and businessmen/professors/experts/people who pay a LOT of taxes and puts them into the...
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