Restoration period

Topics: William III of England, Mary II of England, Charles II of England Pages: 4 (369 words) Published: December 8, 2013
Republican Britain and
the restoration period
Helena Macúšová
Lenka Palečková

Restoration period

Fall of Republican Britain
 Cromwell´s

death – The protectorate

 Cromwell´s son –Richard Cromwell is
not a good leader.
 Richard invited Charles II. back

Charles II.
 Charles

II. returned as publicly
accepted king
 The laws and Acts of
Cromwell´s government were
automatically cancelled
 Parliament is weak
 Those responsible for Charles I.´s
execution are punished

Catholicism, the Crown and the
new constitutional monarchy
 Charles

II. wanted to make peace
between religious groups
 Wanted to allow Puritans and
Cathlics to meet freely
 Parliament is strongly Anglican =
 Feared Charles become catholic =
Test Act 1673 - Public Office cant be
hold by catholics

The Whigs and Tories
The Whigs
 afraid of absolute monarchy and
Catholic Church and regular army
 Believed in religous freedom
 Charles no children=feared his
catholic brother would become king.
 Believed the authority depend upon
the parliament

The Whigs and Tories
 Upheld the authority of the crown
and the church
 Natural inheritors of the „Royalist“

The fake story
 Catholic

plot to murder Charles
 James becomes king
 It frighten people
 The Act forbidding Catholics to
become MP
 = not succesful – James inherited
the crown

James II.
 After

Charles´ death - 1685 - James
becomes king
 Dislike for protestants
 Presbyterians (men, women, children)
killed by army in Scotland= The killing
 Tried to cancel The Act and bring back
the Catholic church
=Parliament angry

James II.

Wanted to get rid off Tory – replaced ¾ by
men from lower social classes
 The Catholics and the Puritans together =
 Tories+the Whigs+Anglicans did nothing
= looking forward to the succesion of
James´ daughter Mary= protestant
married to the...
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