Science Revises the Haeavens

Topics: Galileo Galilei, Nicolaus Copernicus, Catholic Church Pages: 6 (1789 words) Published: June 17, 2013
PHI215 --- Film Response Form
Daniel Wray, Instructor

Name: ______Denise M Porter________________ Date: ____March 24, 2012___

Title of Film: ______Science Revises the Heavens___________________________

Summarize the theme(s) or thesis of the film:
The film discusses the different discoveries (mostly in astronomy) which led to the scientific revolution.

List important facts or points you observe in the film:
·In today’s world:
1.Space exploration
2.Genes are engineered and replicated in labs.
4.Live television
All of these things affect our daily lives and most of us take them for granted.

·We are “healthier, wealthier, more comfortable, and better informed than ever before”.

·All of the progress listed above is based on science and science is about prediction based on universal laws.

·Our scientific progress can be attributed to a crisis in Vienna in 1535. The Protestant Luther and the Catholic Church were at odds. 30 years and 5 Popes later, rules were set down which made every Priest go to school and pass exams, limited the extreme lifestyles of Bishops, gave the Inquisition unbridled power over those who would not adhere to Roman Catholic “law”, produced a list of books citizens and clergy could and could not read, cracked down on dogma, established rules for marriage, set up the Jesuits as policemen of the Church, and established the rule of law that anyone who dare openly question the Bible or any part of it would be jailed or worse.

·The Catholic Church updated their appearance in an effort to make attending services more appealing and less boring. The murals which are so famous today are an example of the upgrade they chose to do to the Cathedrals. Barouche art became a staple of the interior designs of the Roman Catholic Church.

·All of this effort was put forth to bring the people back to church. The Church view “salvation-wise” was that certain traditions should be held up in church depending on the date.

·The officials had hit a snag with the defining the calendar date of Easter. Easter is supposed to fall on the 1st Sunday after the 1st full moon after the beginning of the Spring Equinox ().The accuracy of the date depended on the sun/moon cycle which at the time could not be accurately verified except for once every 312 ½ years.

·Church authority ruled daily life and the subjects. The Church authorities were supposed to know what they were doing and be absolute in their knowledge of such things. They did not have at their disposal the tools they needed to be accurate.

·Up to this point, the known solar system and its rules were authored by Aristotle (came amazingly close to accurate considering what he had at his disposal to work with). Aristotle had proposed the earth was stable and the moon and the stars were pushed around in the heavens by angels. The “angels” were more likely Greek gods. The word “angel” portrays a Christian connotation. Aristotle was not a Christian. He proposed that heavenly motion was circular and earth was the center of that circulation.

·It was further discussed that on earth things only moved in a straight line (gravity) and our mortality was attributed to this fact. We humans were not eternal like the heavens.

·Nicolas Copernicus (1473 – 1543), an astronomer priest who was stationed at the Polish port city of Frombork proposed that the reality was the sun was the center of our world and we and the rest of the stuff in our known galaxy revolved around it. Just before his death in 1543, On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres is published. Copernicus epiphany is said to have made him the father astronomy and his work is said to be the beginning of the scientific revolution.

·Copernicus’ work and writings contradicted that which was written in the Bible. He made the claim the earth moved and that the earth was not the center of the universe. This was an insult to the...
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