Turning Movemnets

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Turning Movements survey at intersection Objective: This experiment involves the collection of turning movement volume data, which is essential for designing traffic signal timing plans.

Application : This will allow you to calculate the PHF (Peak hour factor) for each turning movement at each intersection, to be used for developing traffic signal timing plans

The relation between hourly volume and the maximum probable rate of flow within an hour is defined by the peak hour factor (PHF). PHF = Hourly Volume / Maximum rate of flow The Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) recommends a minimum time interval of 15 minutes for most operational and design analysis. So the PHF can be given as:   V = Peak hourly volume V15 = maximum 15 minute volume within the peak hour .

Data collection at the intersections
All of the intersections at which volume data will be collected are signalized, however there are some differences. The intersections can be categorized by geometry into four categories: four leg intersections, four leg intersections with a two-way approach and one-way egress, four leg intersections with a one-way approach and one-way egress, and three leg intersections. The first category has 12 turning movements, the second has 9 turning movements, the third category has 7 turning movements, and the fourth category has 6 turning movements. Obviously the more turning movements there are the more complicated the data collection

Intersection turning movements

Date : Day : Name of the Student : Location : Weather condition : Traffic Flow Direction : From…….……………….…………. To … …..…………..….…………






Motorised Motorised Bicycle ThreeTwo – Wheeler Wheeler

Tri cycle



Indian Road Congress (IRC) Guidelines for capacity of urban roads in plain areas. IRC:106, New Delhi, India.1990. Vehicle Type PCU Factors % composition of vehicle % composition of vehicle 5% (up to 9%) 10% and Above

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