Academic Dishonesty: What Can Be Done At MCC?

Topics: Academic dishonesty, Cheating, University Pages: 3 (911 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Rob Cusse
Professor Nelson
English 101-002
30 September 2011
Academic Dishonesty: What Can Be Done At MCC
Currently many cases of academic dishonesty are going unreported on campus. There may be several reasons that this happens, like the teachers are too lazy to check and see if the student actually did the work or if they just copied it. Another reason is that the teachers just don’t want to make trouble for the student or for themselves. And one more reason is that the teacher may not want to be responsible for the student that cheated for failing the class and facing further punishment. There are many ways MCC can combat this problem, one of those is implementing the XF grade. I agree that the XF grade should be used to handle the issue of academic dishonesty at MCC. A way to hand out the XF grade fairly and evenly across the board is to have multiple teachers read essays that are written by the students. Also don’t let students sit next to each other when taking tests, doing this will likely decrease cheating because the teacher is increasing the chance of the student getting caught. Another way to hand out the XF grade fairly is to have a committee of administrators who review the paper in question and vote on whether it is fair for the student to receive the XF grade or not. The committee should have to have two thirds vote for the student to receive the grade. Currently many students that participate in academic dishonesty are going unreported on campus. With many students getting away with cheating the number of students who do cheat are more likely to rise. Ways MCC could prevent this from happening is instead of having just the teacher of that class read the assignment another teacher in the same department could also read over it, thus eliminating the chance of a student getting away with academic dishonesty. The school could offer incentives to the teachers who volunteer to read the essay, because they are doing a lot of extra work....

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