Advantages of Cycling

Topics: Automobile, Bicycle, A Great Way to Care Pages: 2 (783 words) Published: August 19, 2013
Most people realise the importance of the need to stay fit. Millions of dollars are spent each year ton subscriptions to fitness centres. These people could save themselves allot of money and obtain greater enjoyment and other benefits by simply investing in the bicycle. Cycling is not only good for you but also offers a range of benefits. Admittedly, cycling in rainy conditions can prove to be a bit of a challenge. One needs to take greater care on the roads. It is a good idea so that other people can easily see you. Wearing rain proof clothing can make you hot and uncomfortable. However, in WA it rains seldom. Australia is known as the driest habitable continent, and although Perth, where I live, has a good annual rainfall, the rain usually comes in short bursts. Because of this, there are very few days when cycling is problematic because of rain. Some people might argue that cycling might be a nuisance because tyres can pop. Some areas have double G’s that easily puncture tyres. On top of this is the glass and drawing pins lying around. All these can create hazards for the unweary cyclist But this problem is easily overcome. First, cyclists need to be alert and careful like anyone else to avoid hazards. You simply don’t ride through broken glass or dead lawn likely to have double G’s. Second, it is now possible to buy thorn proof tyres that provide a thick protective layer of robber that is difficult to puncture. A little care and purchase of thorn proof tyres easily this area of concern. One of the great advantages of cycling is the sense of freedom one has, particularly for a young person who doesn’t have a licence. By freedom I mean that you are not dependent on others for transport. You can hope on your bike and go anywhere, anytime. You can take the train and it isn’t dependant on parking bays. Freedom and flexibility are great advantage of cycling. In the last few years, the population has become more environmentally aware. One way that you can...
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