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Things you can do as a parent or carer of children to support their understanding of ’This Is Our Faith’:
 Be an example to your children
 Speak to your children about what your

faith means to you
 Find a time to speak together as a family

about the values that you hold to be
 Use some of the ideas suggested in the

Family Activities sheet provided during
Catholic Education Week to learn together
and to pray as a family
 Find ways to be more involved in your

 Encourage your children to be active in

your parish – reading at mass, serving, taking part in groups, etc.  Look at the Scottish Catholic Education Service website

( for information on what is happening in Catholic schools
 Speak to your children about what they are learning in religious

education – what do they like about it? what have they found interesting?
 Ask your school to provide more information on ‘This Is Our Faith’

or to discuss it at a Parent Council meeting so that parents can play their part in this important area of education
 Speak to teachers and find out how what your school is doing to use

‘This Is Our Faith’: what differences is it making to the teaching of religious education?
 Speak to your children about Catholic Education Week – find out

what is happening in your parish and school.
This leaflet was published by the Parental Involvement working group of the Catholic Education Commission.

Advice for Parents and Carers
Catholic Education Week in February 2012 is
focusing on ‘This Is Our Faith’, the new syllabus
for religious education in Catholic schools in
Scotland. Parents have a key part to play in
making sure that this new syllabus helps their
children to grow in faith.
This leaflet briefly provides some initial
information on ‘This Is Our Faith’ and advises parents and carers on some of the things they can do to support children as they grow in their faith. More detailed...
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