Aggressive Drivers

Topics: Automobile, Driving, Traffic Pages: 1 (293 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Aggressive Drivers
The number of vehicles on freeways and streets is increasing at an alarming rate. This influx of motor vehicles is creating hazardous conditions. Moreover, drivers are in such a rush to get to their destinations that many become angry or impatient with other motorists who are too slow or who are in their way. Aggressive drivers react foolishly toward others in several dangerous ways. One way an angry driver reacts is to cut off another motorist. He sometimes passes on the left and gets ahead another motorist careless. He usually makes wrong and unsafe lane change; he often run stop red light and symbols. Another way is to tailgate the other car. He follows the car closely and with no care and usually overtakes on left. To release his stress because of traffic jam, he often passes the car suddenly and that retain their life in danger . In addition to cut off and tailgate other cars, aggressive drivers often use rude language or gestures to show their anger. He screams on another motorist and driver. He often not only blows the horn but also flash his vehicle’s light over another motorists and drivers, so the driver will be not able to see and maybe will make an accident . Although law enforcement authorities warn motorists against aggressive driving, the number who acts out their angry impulses has not declined. To deal with aggressive driver, the authorities must give him penalty or punishment seriously ,strictly, and toughly and the wrong driver must obtain the punishment. To conclude, aggressive drivers are endangering everyone because they create hazardous conditions by acting and driving foolishly. They should control their anger and learn to drive safely. After all, the lives they save could be their own.
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