Aldo Rossi: A Poet and an Architect

Topics: Venice, Italy, Architecture Pages: 4 (949 words) Published: September 19, 2010
Aldo Rossi
‘A poet who happens to be an architect’
(3 May 1931 -4 September 1997)
“The primary sources of all architectural content are reflected in the use of primary forms, axial orientation and repetitive elements in the façades.”

Born in Milan the 3rd of May 1931.
He moved with his family to Lake Como at 1940
He attended a school run by the Padri Somaschi and subsequently the Alessandro Volta archbishop’s school in Lecco •First career choice was film, his interests translated to the field of architecture. •Enrolled at the Faculty of Architecture at the Milan Polytechnic University at 1949 after the end of the war •Continued his studies in Prague and then in the Soviet Union, and took part in numerous cultural meetings at 1955. •Graduated architecture at 1959

Joined the Milanese magazine Casabella-Continuita, serving as its editor from 1961 to 1964

His growing fame brought him positions as a professor in Zurich, Spain, and the United States. (Namely Milan's Politecnico, Zurich's ETH, New York's Cooper Union, and Venice's Instituto Universitario di Architettura) •1955-1964-Worked with Ernesto Rogers on the leading Italian architecture magazine Casabella-Continuita •1956 - He began work for Ignazio Gardella (1905-1999) and then for Marco Zanuso (1916) •1963 - He became assistant to Ludovico Quaroni (1911-1987) at the School of Urban Studies in Arezzo and to Carlo Aymonino (1926) at the University Institute of Architecture in Venice(Iuav) •1965-A faculty member in the School of Architecture in Milan •1966-Published the book The Architecture of the City

1971 - He began working with Gianni Braghieri
1975-Faculty member at University in Venice
1978 - He began working with IAUS
1980 - He began his work as an industrial designer which would lead him to work with major companies like Alessi, Molteni and Unifor •1981- Published A Scientific...
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