An Accident

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Sometimes, misfortune comes without notice. You cannot know what lies for you at a minute ahead. Such is the mystery of God. Accident is accident. There is no explanation for it. It is God's monopoly. Accident may be minor or major. It may leave you with slight injury; it may take away your life; or it may hurt you grievously.

The accident that I met:

Once I happened to meet an accident. It was a street accident. I caused me serious fracture at my backbone. My skull was also greatly wounded at its right side. I was completely senseless just after the accident occurred. When I got back my sense, I found myself in the Surgical Ward of the General Hospital, Cuttack. It took complete two days to bring back my sense. Full six months elapsed to cure me completely. My parent and my brothers and sisters hastened to Cuttack and attended on me. Proper care and treatment saved me from the early end of my life.

Description of the Accident:

On my birthday of this year, I was on my bicycle in the early morning I am a good cyclist. But every good turns becomes bad when fate goes against a person. At Ranihat, a heavy truck was rushing front, from the opposite side. A bullock cart was there on the road. I thought that the cart-man would halt there till the truck passed by. But the cart-man suddenly left his cart in motion. I was caught between the cart and the truck. I could not decide what to do. I lost all control on my nerve. The front wheel of my bicycle got into a wheel of the cart and I fell down before its wheel. I was fortunate enough not to be darted before the truck. Otherwise I would have been subject to an instant death on the very spot. The cart-man could not control his bullocks and the wheel rolled on my spinal chord. There and then, I got senseless. I do not know how my skull was wounded. Perhaps it was due to a heavy kick charged by one of the bullock.


This accident was the only major accident in my life. Since...
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