An Introduction to the Seven Sacred Mysteries of Orthodoxy

Topics: Christianity, Eucharist, Christian terms Pages: 3 (994 words) Published: May 31, 2013
My whole life, I have attended the same Baptist Church. Since I was raised very firmly in Baptist doctrine, I have been taught to honor the commandments as a yielding of my life to Christ. When we accept Christ as our savior, we then make a choice to live a relatively pure lifestyle. Specifically, in a Baptist Church, there are instructions for us to follow after surrendering our lives to Christ. Over centuries, there are traditions that Christians have practiced as acts of faith unto Christ. The practice of baptism is meant to represent a cleansing; a practice such as Communion is purposed for remembering Christ. Sacraments, in the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Churches, are religious ceremonies: Communion, baptism, matrimony, confirmation, penance, and other ceremonies of like-sort. The Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Churches believe sacraments are a means of grace to the participant. In the Baptist Church, we have ordinances rather than sacraments. Baptist Churches believe ordinances are acts of obedience to a command that Christ has given. Communions and baptisms are the two ordinances of the Baptist Church. We, as Baptists, believe that saving grace is not conveyed by either of the ordinances, and sin cannot be washed away by baptism. Sacraments are viewed by the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Churches as activities God uses to impart salvation. The act of baptism is executed in different ways depending on the religion. The forms of baptism are sprinkling, pouring, or immersion. Methodist Churches practice sprinkling as a form of baptism; in the traditional Baptist Church, immersion is the only form of baptism practiced. Sprinkling and pouring are executed by the honorable leader taking the object containing the water and either sprinkling or pouring the water over one’s head. A body of water of some sort is needed to execute immersion. Most churches, of various religions, have a baptismal pool which is called a baptistry, in which immersion...
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