Analysis of the Influence of Religious Reformation on the Change of

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Analysis of the Influence of Religious Reformation on the Change of The European Feudalism
The Reformation exercises a great influence on the change of the politics structure of Europe. Because of the Reformation, the European feudalism began to crumble. And the establishment of Reformed or Protestant accelerates the development of bourgeoisie. Because the different countries show the different attitude to the new religious belief, the politic changes of European countries are in different steps. All of this illustrate that the revolution of ideology can also exercises a great influence on social system.    In Western Europe, to mention the feudalism can not fail to mention the church feudalism, and the church feudalism is mainly refers to the Catholic Church in Rome. And calling it feudalism because Rome's Catholic Church has its own independent feudalism morphology.    First of all, in politics, the Church of Rome implement the feudal centralization of state power headed by the Pope, the Pope has the right to make decision, changes in the law, the division of the parish; Through faculty appointments in the establishment of the archbishop, bishops, priests and other components of the feudal education order hierarchy, all over Europe size Parish, is actually listen in the feudal administrative region. The church also has court and prison which can change the law ruling, and also constantly gross interfere in the internal affairs; Secondly, in the economy, the feudal land ownership is the foundation of the feudal system, the papacy and Church of Rome is Europe's largest land owner, and is also the largest feudal lord, the Catholic Church has at least 1/3 European land, undertake the cruel exploitation to the farmer, the farmers not only need to pay high tax but also undertake corvee exploitation, also by the tithes and usurious exploitation. At last the church theology becomes the main body of the feudalism and controlled the social politics and spiritual life.    It is due to the special form of medieval European church, the Catholic Church in Rome become the European feudal system's main pillar, as Engels said, "the European feudal system of huge international center is a Catholic Church in Rome. It took all of Western Europe (although there are internal war) as a major political system......It gives the feudal system around Sacred Emmanuel, which according to the feudal way to set up their own teaching order system, finally, he was the most powerful feudal lords......In each country from the aspects of successful offensive secular feudal system, we must first destroy the sacred center organization.” Thus against the feudalism means against the Catholic Church in Rome. Therefore, at that time the reformation is an anti-feudal movement that opposing the Catholic.    Sixteenth Century's religious reformation first erupted in Germany, then quickly spread to the surrounding and gradually from a local struggle to a national one and even the European scale struggle. The struggle with the Catholic church will be specifically manifested in the following aspects: 2.The Influence of Religious Reformation on the Change of the European Feudalism: on Theology The Pope feudal social system and the status of the maintenance of the theoretical pillar has three main theology: the theory of "Supreme Authority of the Pope, the salvation theory of "Sacrament" and the atonement theory of” Merit" and the theory of "Privileges of Clergy". It’s because of these three pillars that imprisoned people thought during the middle ages ; Let people always live in fear of the "original sin", in "Redemption" pursuit, and make people lose the enterprising. While the new view of religion produced by religious reformation set people free again. 2.1. The Theory of "Supreme Authority of the Pope" VS. The New Theory of "Authority of the Pope" First of all, to the Pope's supreme authority , Luther put forward the new concept of the...
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