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Topics: PIC microcontroller, Automobile, Internal combustion engine Pages: 15 (3385 words) Published: January 10, 2013
American Journal of Applied Sciences 9 (5): 709-716, 2012
ISSN 1546-9239
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A Practical Design of Anti-Theft Car
Protection System Based on Microcontroller
Mohammed Abuzalata,Yahya
Muntaser Momani, Sayel Fayyad and Suleiman Abu-Ein
Departments of Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering, Al-Balqa’ Applied University, Technology, Amman, Jordan Abstract: Problem statement: This study presents a new design for an anti-theft protection System as an inexpensive solution to protect cars from theft and from non-authorized users by using microcontroller-based system. Approach: Three stages of protection to strengthen the security of the car: Firstly, when the user access the car by the car key and entered the wrong password, the power is remain disable. If the power shifted by others, the second level comes by disabling the starter motor from being turned on, so the stolen keys cannot turn the car on. Results: Assuming that the thief or non-authorized person connected the starter motor directly to the car battery, the car well not turned on because the directional valve is set to the case where the fuel is fed back to the fuel tank and no fuel is pumped into the engine, which is the third security level. Conclusion/Recommendations: A microcontroller is programmed using C language, a directional valve is controlled by microcontroller to take the proper valve position to allow the engine to start or not. This system is worked properly and tested successfully.

Key words: Anti-theft system, automobile technology, inexpensive solution, international interpol statistics, insurance companies, password protected system, non-authorized person connected, tested successfully

GPS) to provide continuous position and velocity
tracking of moving vehicle (Alaqeeli et al., 2003),
presented a novel signal acquisition and tracking
method that reduces the number of operations,
simplifies the HW implementation and decrease time

A new international Interpol Statistics revealed that
4.2 million vehicles reported stolen in 2008 from 149
countries around the world. U.S statistics shows that a
car is stolen every 28.8 sec, adding up to more than 1
million cases of auto theft each year. Vehicle theft has
become the nation's first property crime, costing more
than $7.4 billion a year. One of insurance companies in
Jordan said, striking that the phenomenon of car theft
is not a private problem but had turn to insurance
companies, especially if the type of insurance is
comprehensive, there are 25 insurance companies in
Jordan and are daily dealing with an almost fixed
rate of 3-10 communications about car stealing.
Many car owners rely on a car alarm system to
protect their vehicles from criminals. Unfortunately,
even the most sophisticated car alarm systems are not
enough to prevent auto theft (Hunter and Ashjaee,
1988; Reynolds et al., 1990).
Wahab et al. (1997) described a real-time vehicle
location tracking system which uses the current
technologies of Global Positioning System (NAVSTAR

This new method is very fast processing of
incoming GPS samples that satisfies real-time
requirements (Bullock and Krakiwsky, 1994), stated
that Digital road maps are being used increasingly
throughout the world as they become more available.
Five major digital road map suppliers are focusing their
efforts on producing databases that support vehicle
navigation functions. Of a total of 147 vehicle
navigation systems in the world, 89 use in-vehicle
maps, of which, 35 employ map matching and 31 offer
real-time route guidance. Vehicle navigation systems
are limited by the maps they use, so the availability of
inexpensive, complete and seamless navigable digital
road maps remains as an impediment to the wider use

Corresponding Author: Mohammed Abuzalata, Departments of Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of...

References: Alaqeeli, A., J. Starzyk and F.V. Graas, 2003. Realtime acquisition and tracking for GPS receivers.
Bajaj, R., S.L. Ranaweera and D.P. Agrawal, 2002.
Bullock, J.B. and E.J. Krakiwsky, 1994. Analysis of the
use of digital road maps in vehicle navigation.
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Keong, 1997. A low-cost yet accurate approach to
a vehicle location tracking system
Hunter, T. and J. Ashjaee, 1988. Land navigation and
fleet management with GPS, Loran and dead
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