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Recognize the power and limits of the mental model
Ford Motor Company recognized the teen death rate in 2010. So came up with a control the limit and power of teen driving by making a key in which controls the speed and volume on how a teen drives and listens to music by inserting a chip into the key in which only allows a teen driver to drive a certain speed and listen to music at a certain volume in order to bring down the rate of teen vehicle deaths in the USA. Parents have the option of setting the amount of speed in which a teen drives a car by programming the key making alerting sounds when the teen is driving at a certain or volume along with not wearing a seat belt. By giving this option it allows the parents to send a message to the letting teen drivers know there are conditions to the new drivers and makes the parents a little more comfortable when allowing their teens to drive. The feature is called “MyKey” which is standard on some specified models of Ford 2010 trucks and cars but will eventually but updated to all models on the Ford line. The company already has anti theft keys so in which the car will not start unless it recognizes the correct computer key chip for that specific car or truck. The new safety features are not just for teen drivers but adult drivers also alerting adults to the fact that they’re not wearing a seat belt or driving too fast also. In a research studied done by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety the research group is trying to push the age of teen drivers to 17 or 18 due more than 5,000 teens dying in the U.S. alone because the rate of fatal and nonfatal crashes per mile for teen drivers is 10 times the amount for drivers between the age of 30 to 59 this according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Ford ‘MyKey’ to set limits on teen driving Retrieved March 8, 2014 from
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