Apollo Tyres

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In successfully completing my project report, I am indeed indebted to a large number of people who have encouraged and helped me in a variety of ways. It’s indeed a privilege to express my gratitude to the people involved. First and foremost I am obliged to the Almighty who has showered upon me with his blessings and giving me good health and knowledge to complete this internship successfully. I take this opportunity to express my special acknowledge and gratitude to Apollo Tyres Ltd for giving me the permission to carry on my project in their reputed organization. I wish to express my indebtedness and gratitude to Mr. Samuel Wilson, HR Executive of Apollo Tyres Ltd. With great pleasure I express my deep sense of gratitude and respect to Dr. Grace Paul, HOD of Department of Commerce, Stella Maris College, Madras for her excellent guidance and suggestions in the completion of this internship. I wish to express my heart full gratitude towards my parents for their blessings and moral support without which I would not have been what I am today. Last but not the least I would like to thank my friends who were a source of support and encouragement for successful completion of the internship.


Apollo Tyres Ltd is a high-performance company and the leading Indian tyre manufacturer. Head quartered in Gurgaon, a corporate-hub in the National Capital Region of India, Apollo is a young, ambitious and dynamic organization, which takes pride in its unique identity. Registered as a company in 1976, Apollo is built around the core principles of creating stakeholder value through reliability its products.

Apollo’s present strength and market dynamism steps from its early years of strife in establishing itself as a tyre manufacturer within the closed Indian economy. Over two decades, Apollo worked on a portfolio of products, tuned to customer needs and an array of innovative marketing initiatives to establish itself as a leader in its home market. Some of these include segmenting customers by their load and mileage requirements, running tyre loyalty programmes and establishing customer contact programmes.

For the first time, in 2006 Apollo ventured outside India in its quest to test itself outside its home comforts. Apollo acquired Dunlop Tyres International Pty Ltd in South Africa and Zimbabwe, The company currently produces the entire range of automotive tyres for ultra and high speed passenger cars, truck and bus, farm, Off-The-Road, industrial and specialty applications like mining, retreaded tyres and retreading material. These are produced across Apollo’s eight manufacturing locations in India, Netherlands and Southern Africa.



The Indian Tyre Industry has total turnover of Rs. 25,000 Crores with Tyre production is 13.50 lakh. There are 50 tyre manufacturers across India. However, the industry is dominated by 4 Major Player namely, Apollo Tyres Limited, CEAT Limited, MRF Limited, JK Tyres and Industries Limited with total market share of 75%.Of total production, only 13.06% in value is exported by India. The major export element is Truck and Bus category followed by passenger car.

This industry is highly Capital Intensive. The success in the industry is depended on having robust distribution network and product branding.

The performance of commercial vehicle tyres is directly linked to the country’s economic development and the performance of automobiles industry.

With rising Industrial and Agricultural output, Favorable demographic distribution with rising working population and middle class Urbanization, and Fast growing economy will infuse production of passenger carrier tyre demand in the country....
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