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Topics: George III of the United Kingdom, Film, Mental disorder Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: November 9, 2014
Amanda Mushinski
History 1301
Donald Knox
October 16, 2013
The Review of Representing the Mad King George
Beau Brummel and The Madness of King George are carefully examined movies in “Representing the Mad King: George III in Cinema”. Chandler considers the significance of early images of King George III, as well as focusing on the Kings illness itself, and portrays the importance each film had to illustrating events in its particular era. Chandler summarizes the impact that the King’s illness and healing had on Britain by using an understanding of the mental illness that the King had. For the film Beau Brummel, Chandler explains that the character of King George III is interpreted as being completely mentally ill. In the movie, The Prince of Whales is abused by George III throughout the film. In the scene that is most likely the most memorable to the movie, George “attempts to strangle the Prince” (Chandler, 2008, p.5) and exclaims, “‘you wish me dead, you want to kill me, but you’re going to die first!’” to the prince. In The Madness of King George, the playwright was more focused on how the “King’s actual words” were “inadequate to suggest the particular image of insanity” (Chandler, 2008, p. 8) and his actions towards others rather than the King’s actions towards his son. For this film, Chandler explains how the Mad King was actually described as a victim of porphyria, a rare hereditary disease in which the blood pigment hemoglobin is abnormally metabolized, and that his disease was a “possibility that mental disturbance might be the cause of bodily dysfunction, rather than the consequence” (p. 8). Chandlers use of comparing and contrasting the two films “Representing the Mad King: George III in Cinema” highlight this article extremely well. The way he chose to describe George III’s madness, in Beau Brummel, was caused by frustrations about his son and the colonies. However, in the latter film the interpretation of the King’s madness was caused by his...

Bibliography: Chandler, David. "Representing the Mad King: George III in the Cinema." Journal of Popular Film & Television 36 (Summer 2008): 72-81
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