Assignment: Swot Analysis

Topics: Automobile, Better, Luxury vehicle Pages: 2 (820 words) Published: January 17, 2012
The business that I have chosen is called Mad Keen Motors. I chose this business because I feel that it describes my family’s business and I can relate to how things are done, how decisions are made as a family, and the service they provide. I believe that working with family members can be very helpful as well as challenging. Family members can be sometimes easier to get along with as well as harder because they have higher expectations of one another. I worked at my uncles Auto repair garage for a few years until I had my baby a few months ago, I truly enjoyed my job because I got to meet and talk with new people every day while working in the office. Strengths

I feel that Mad Keen Motors has very experienced and a creative leader since this is a privately owned family business. The business model is well developed and researched by the family and the families employees because everyone in the business helps to work to improve what can be done to better improve the quality of the business. The mission of Mad Keen Motors is to provide excellent care and service to all of their customers, whether they need to buy a car or have major body work done to your car or get your car simply washed and waxed. I believe that the markets are accurately targeted because they are contacting many different age groups via the internet, the news, and word of mouth. They believe that the type of car a person owns can tell a lot about that particular person, such as the fact that new car owners are more likely to take their cars back to where they were bought other than using the company’s garage repair service. However, most of these owners take pride in their cars and will bring them to the company often for the wash and valet services. Older luxury car owners are people who have owned their high end luxury car for many years but do not have the funds to buy a brand new luxury car, so they take great pride in keeping their older car well maintained and in the best shape...
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