audit proposal

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Audit Proposal
Brenda Pina, Rachel Foster, Maria Kight, Christine Twiford, and Clorissa Willie ACC/542
July 14, 2014
Professor Thomas Cappels

Audit Proposal
There are many different types of audits including internal, external, and information technology. Companies should be familiar with the types of audits that may possibly be used on an Accounting Information System (AIS). Knowing the different types of audits and where they are used will help a company be ready for an audit and make the process much smoother. There are some circumstances where auditing through a computer is not always beneficial. Auditors want to make sure they are completing their audits fully and appropriately to the best of their abilities. Types of audits used for each process

Attestation, SAS 70, SAS 94, and Findings and Recommendations are four main types of Information Technology (IT) audits. If Kudler wants the auditor to provide assurance for each part of the system, an attestation audit could be used. An attestation audit can assist Kudler by issuing reports on examinations, reviews, or agreed-upon procedures. An attestation audit can provide Kudler with independent assurance on the reliability or validity of information related to the four systems under review (KPMG, 2011). A Findings and Recommendations audit can provide Kudler with other information about each system. This kind of audit includes the following: system implementations, security reviews, database application reviews, project management, IT infrastructure, and IT internal audit services. If Kudler chooses to use the Findings and Recommendations audit, this type will not produce an opinion, only a summary of the audit for each of the systems (Hunton, Bryant, & Bagranoff, 2004). An SAS 70 audit is to provide assurance about the effectiveness and existence of the company's internal controls around a service provided to others. Kudler is not a service provider. However, Kudler does transmit data...

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