Auditing Introduction Letter

Topics: Auditing, Internal control, Audit Pages: 1 (291 words) Published: July 31, 2013
Mr. Larry Lancaster
Chairman of the Board of Directors,
President and CEO Apollo Shoes Inc.
100 Shoe Plaza
Shoetown, ME 00001

Dear Mr. Lancaster,
Please let me introduce ourselves as a reliable auditing and assurance firm – Anderson, Old, and Watershed (AOW). With our reliable partners and associates, we offer dependable auditing services. We have the latest auditing tools, resources, and personnel to give your company a high-quality and reliable audit. Our services are reputably known for procedural excellence, professional independence, and high standard accounting principles. As you know, an audit involves obtaining best evidence about the amounts and disclosures in your financial statements. Our auditing approach is successful because it concentrates on understanding the client’s business and control issues, risk assessment, and audit testing procedures. Our assurance program is very useful to our clients, because it walks them through understanding your company’s risks and responding to them. If you decide to go with us, Apollo Shoes will receive the highest professional standards and care during the audit. Our approach is to respond to assessed risk, evaluate internal control, use our best analytical procedures, and involve a strategic system approach to auditing. Our systematic approach to auditing and assessed risk gives assurance and good credibility. We conduct all of our audits in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing. Those standards require that we comply with ethical requirements to plan and perform the audit and obtain reasonable assurance. Investors value the integrity of reports very highly. My role in this audit would be to provide assurance and to ensure that there is sufficient and credible auditing evidence. I will check on internal control in the IT department, look over the control procedures, and test them. I will plan the auditing procedures
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