Australian Balance of Payment

Topics: Macroeconomics, Economic policy, Economics Pages: 2 (391 words) Published: November 24, 2010
australia Balance Of Payment continues a pattern that has prevailed for many years, namely increasing current account deficit and growing foreign debs. some commentator believe that this trend in aussie BOP circumstances is emerging as a major threat to australia economic future. in contrast, other economist see the BOP of a lesser consequence and if a problem exist, in the long term, it'll resolve itself

undeniably, current account deficit need to be reined in over time and thus forms the context when aussie sets its macroeconomics n microeconomics goals & policies. it is your task to research the BOP and come to some assessment as to how critical solving the problem of ongoing deficits has become. this sets the main parameters in terms of policy activism by the government. in other words, given your understanding of the current BOP problem what government policies are in place and what macroeconomics / microeconomics policies would you recommend?

you'll need to keep in mind of course that the effectiveness of government policy must be considered in the tect of increasing globalization and international economic interdependence

marking criteria :

1- presentation of data n trends in australia BOP
2- analysis of consequences and prospects flowing from the BOP 3- identification of macroeconomic n microeconomic policy setting 4- evaluation as to appropriateness of current policies and recommendations for future policies 5- presentation. coherency. structure etc including referencing accuracy

students note

1. for referencing, please use the correct referencing style as used in harvard referencing 2. submit date 28 august, university will need you to submit a soft copy and a hard copy 3. please note that this assignment will be marked by oversea lecturer where they have a program to analyze whether you full copy paste your assignment or not 4. any graph, data, etc is better to be adopted ( means : not just a copy paste, but you try to make your own...
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