Topics: Automobile, Electric vehicle, Automotive industry Pages: 29 (4968 words) Published: September 6, 2014
Western Institute of Technology La Paz, Iloilo City February 27, 2014 Mrs. Astrid O. Haresco Faculty, College of Arts and Sciences WIT

Dear Mrs. Haresco:
In compliance with the fulfillment of the requirements on the course “Writing in the Discipline” and in accordance with your oral instructions dated November 19, 2013, we are submitting our library research paper entitled “The Uses of Automobiles”. The main purpose of this research paper is to know automobiles and its uses, to explain the advantages and disadvantages that automobiles bring to the society, and to suggest ways on how to conserve energy using new technologies of automobiles. We hope that this paper will meet your approval.

Respectfully yours,
Kenneth Llauderes and Mark Joseph Sueta BSME- 1 BSME- 1 The Uses of Automobiles

A Library Research Paper Presented to

Mrs. Astrid O. Haresco Faculty, Department of Languages Western Institute of Technology

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course ENGLISH 2- Writing in the Discipline

By Kenneth Llauderes- BSME 1 Mark Joseph Sueta- BSME 1 February 2014

Table of Contents
Contribution to the society4
Application of automobile as Transportation5
Automobile Industry5
Automobile Racing6
Automobiles Business9
New Technologies of Automobiles11
Antipollution Strategies11
Safety Features12
Hybrid- Electric Vehicles13
Computers and Navigation Devices14
Eco- Friendly Automobile16
Other Improvements19

Llauderes, K. & Sueta, M. J. “The uses of automobiles”. Western Institute of Technology.2014 Automobiles transport people in a more comfortable and more efficient manner. It is a propelled vehicle used primarily on public roads but adaptable to other surface. They are classified by size, style, number of doors and intended use. The typical automobile also called a car, auto, motorcar, and passenger car, has four wheels and can carry up to six people including a driver. The researchers travelled and gathered information from the correct and truthful data from the internet and different libraries in Iloilo. The researchers conclude that automobiles change the world and the lives of the people because it has a profound impact on the society. As a whole it played a very important role in the society and it is one of the key elements of industrial economies and no doubt, it...

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