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Topics: Automobile, Mathematics, Gun Control Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: February 20, 2014
Title:Police Department Visitation
Purpose: To provide a selection of projects for students seeking honors credit in physics Introduction: I will complete this lab for extra honors credit Officer Lauren moreon
Questions i asked
1. How is an automobile accident evaluated. How do they know how fast a car that was involved in an accident was going? Do they make measurements of skid marks, do they perform calculations, and/or do they have tables and charts to decipher the data? What percentage of the investigated accidents involves speeding? 2.How does the radar speed detection equipment work? How much error is acceptable? How do they calibrate the equipment? 3.What is the department policy regarding high speed chases in your area? Has the officer ever been involved in a chase? 4.Has the police officer ever had to fire a gun?

5.Does the police officer deal with a lot of drugs in the community? 6.Can a police officer turn off the camera in his car? Where is the camera located? Why is it used? Answers to my questions

1.Automobile accidents are evaluated by evidence at the scene after the accident has occurred. The way that we calculate the speed of vehicles is by using a formula that measures friction and the distant of skid marks. We have little cheat sheets that tell us what to add and how to figure these formulas. For example: to obtain the speed of a vehicle you need to multiply 30 x distance x friction. To obtain friction you would have to find the speed squared and divide that by 30 x distance, and to find the velocity you would take the speed and multiply it by 1.46. Most of the accidents that I have worked involved speed or a driver that is not paying attention. 2.The radar gun works by bouncing radar beems off of an object and it calculates the speed by the speed of the bounce back. The equiptment is calibrated each day using a toning fork. 3.In my area, high speed chases are written into policy and we can pursue a...
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