Automobile Industry in Bangldesh

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Chapter- 1
Introduction Issues

1.1 Introduction

Now day’s education is not just confined to books and classrooms. Internship is such a program that helps to test the knowledge and understanding of the courses and to use them in a practical field. Internship training gives this opportunity to be engaged in an organization where it is possible to have an experience of the real business world and to see different practical aspects of education.

Marketing Department of Chittagong University is committed to produce marketing professionals for the market who will not only benefit the society as a whole but also make path of a better future for the next generation. Internship program is a step towards fulfill this commitment by giving the students an opportunity to get ready for the real world before they enter into it.

1.2 Research Issue

This research is a requirement of the internship program for my MBA program. My supervisor Professor A. J. M. Nuruddin Chowdhury   assigned me the topic. I have tried my level best to make it as an excellent one. I used all the latest data and information. I have been serving this company as an intern under Sales & Marketing Department for two months. I got privilege to put latest data. My job responsibility is to create relationship with our present and potential customers, sales products and provide service time to time by giving latest product’s information. So, I am getting the opportunity to be very close to the customer. I have the idea why customer choose, the reason of leave and the reason of using pragoti Industries Product. My supervisor Mr. Khayrul Haue officer of Sales & Marketing Department guides me time to time to make this report fruitful.

1.3 Research Objectives

The main objective of this report is to have an assessment about overall activities of sales & marketing department. How they manage all the selling process, what services it is providing to the customer and how agents are getting benefit from it and finally what is the gain for pragoti from this project, in short how it is meeting up the requirements of the three stakeholders of the company. The objectives of the study are as follow:

• To get the practical experience by doing job with expert of sales & marketing manager.

• To understand the drive structure of PIL.

• To understand the channels of PIL.

• To observe the production process & know the inputs procurement system, warehousing system and the selling and distribution system of the company

• To know the marketing and pricing policies of their products

• To know about the products & the quality of products produced by the company.

• To know the accounting system and the transparency in the preparation of the financial statements.

• To know the application of the Corporate Governance in PIL

• To produce a report that will give a guideline to the future researchers or customers of the Pragoti Industries Ltd on the different aspects that are covered in this report.

• Finally, to suggest the management with some recommendations so that the management can identify some of the faulty areas in the organization and initiate necessary steps to bring changes in those areas.

1.4 Research Methodology

The current study is conducted primarily in participatory research analysis method and secondary on practical and theoretical analysis. The research supervisor proposed research topic. Primary and secondary data was collected from every possible source.

The primary sources are as follows:

• Observation of the production and management sector of the company.

• Face-to-face conversation with the respective offices and stuffs of the industry

• Related field study as provided by the officer concerned.

The secondary sources of data and the information are:

• Web site address

• Book basis articles


References: • Business Profile, Pragoti Industries Limited, 2008-2012.
• MIS report june31, 2013.
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