Topics: Automobile, Transport, Walking Pages: 1 (374 words) Published: December 22, 2014
Irene Du
There are many different kind of transportation vehicles that changed people’s lives; including automobiles, bicycles, airplanes, and many more. I feel automobiles have affected the lives of Americans the most. They have made it possible for individuals to travel many miles a day. Before the automobile, people in cities had to take streetcars to get anywhere farther than they could walk. People who lived out of town had to get to work on trains. People who lived on farms or in small villages in the country would come into town maybe once a month in a horse-drawn wagon to do their shopping, but a horse couldn't walk more than few miles. Automobiles provided greater mobility for people. They provided more choices to live. When choosing a job in the old days people tried to find homes that were closest to their work. Cars made it possible for people to move 20-30 miles or more from the city and drive in to work every day. Through my experiences getting to school from bus is a lot slower than cars. I can wake up a lot later if my dad drives me to school. Cars helped transportation become easier and faster. A person could be transported anywhere either by himself or with his family without stopping to rest to feed their horses. Families could sit in comfort while listening to music. However, cars have brought a negative effect on the world, like pollution from exhaust emissions. Cars also take up a lot of space including parking space and parking lots which replace many buildings. It is more dangerous to drive than to walk because of crashes. The ease of a drunken man driving a car is much more dangerous than a drunken man walking. Automobiles can be more dangerous but it provides a lot.

Automobiles have had positive and negative effect on the world and changed many people’s lives. Traveling great distances is not much of a problem for people. It also bought time for many people; walking may take 30 minutes but by car it only takes five...
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