Balance of Payment of Bangladesh

Topics: International economics, Balance of payments, Current account Pages: 3 (468 words) Published: August 2, 2011
Balance of payments (BOP) accounts are an accounting record of all monetary transactions between a country and the rest of the world.[1] These transactions include payments for the country's exports and imports of goods, services, and financial capital, as well as financial transfers. The BOP accounts summarize international transactions for a specific period, usually a year, and are prepared in a single currency, typically the domestic currency for the country concerned. Sources of funds for a nation, such as exports or the receipts of loans and investments, are recorded as positive or surplus items. Uses of funds, such as for imports or to invest in foreign countries, are recorded as negative or deficit items. When all components of the BOP accounts are included they must sum to zero with no overall surplus or deficit. For example, if a country is importing more than it exports, its trade balance will be in deficit, but the shortfall will have to be counter-balanced in other ways – such as by funds earned from its foreign investments, by running down central bank reserves or by receiving loans from other countries

Balance of payment in Bangladesh (Annual Data)
(In million US$)
July-June% Changes
3 over 2
1 2 3 4 Trade balance-4710-5152
Export f.o.b.(including EPZ)15581162364.2
Of which : Readymade garments(RMG)12348124971.21
Import f.o.b (including EPZ)-20291-213885.41
Of which : Official interest payments-238-215
Current transfers1022611610
Official transfers72122
Private transfers101541148813.14
Of which : Workers' remittances96891098713.4
Current Account Balance24163734
Capital account451442...
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