Barriers to Communication

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[Introduction to communication]
[COM 101]

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Question answered:

Explain the process of communication and discuss the impact of feedback, perception and stereotyping on the communication process.

Communication is the process by which information is sent, received an exchanged, either by verbal or non-verbal communication. There are two models of communication, the linear model which means that the information moves in a straight line, and the transactional model where the sender becomes the receiver and the receiver becomes the sender.

The linear model starts with the sender and ends with the receiver. This model of communication is often used to give commands and the message or information being sent is received but no response is required, the linear model is often used by the high ranking military and police officials to give commands to their troop and to exert dominance. In the transactional model the role of the sender and receiver are interchanged in a simultaneous loop. The transaction model of communication has six stages. These stages are the conceptualizing or generation of thoughts and ideas, the encoding or formulation of the meaning in which the message is to be sent to the receiver, , the transmission or actual sending of the information to the receiver, the message or the information is received an perceived, the decoding stage where the message or information is interpreted by the receiver who then analyzes and the final and most crucial stage in the communication process is feedback or the response given in association to the message or information that was sent by the sender.

in the first stage the sender thinks about the aim and what information is to be sent to the receiver, in stage two the message or information is encoded, the sender then selects signs and symbols via memory to aid in getting a response from the receiver and the message or information not being...

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