Batangas State University

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Batangas State University
Batangas City

Go for: Clean and Green!
(Food, Health and Sanitation)

March 2015


The “Go: for Clean and Green” Project has been accomplished with the help of the following who extended their cooperation and support. Appreciation and genuine thanks are due to:
Mr. Stephen Paul Fronda our NSTP Instructor who guided us in the completion of the said project; HON. Judith D. Lumanglas for letting us conduct the project in Barangay Tulo; The people in Tulo who are engaged in the project done, for exerting efforts and for accepting us in their barangay; And most importantly, to our Almighty God for letting us accomplish the project safe.

Table of Contents
I. General Information
A. Proponents
B. Type of Project
C. Project Site
D. Beneficiaries
E. Contact Persons
F. Duration

II. Project Description
A. Rationale
B. Objectives

III. Project Management
A. Management Visibility
1. Organizational Structure
2. Services and Assistance Offered
3. Implementation Schedule
B. Social Viability

IV. Financial requirements and Resources
A. Sources of Funds
B. Program Expenditure

V. Assessment of the Project
A. Findings
B. Conclusions
C. Recommendations

VI. Appendices
A. Personal Data Sheet
B. Attendance
C. Personal Reflections
D. Pictures

Go for: Clean and Green
I . General Information
A. Proponents
BIT-CIT, Mechanical Tech, Electrical Tech, Drafting Tech students Mr. Stephen Paul Fronda- NSTP instructor
Hon – Barangay Captain of Tulo, Batangas City

B. Type of Project
Food, Health and Sanitation

C. Project Site
Barangay Tulo , Batangas City

D. Beneficiaries
Community People

E. Contact Persons
Mr. Jhomel I. Babao – 09124794919
Ms. Cyra Marie M. Tilo-09105569446

F. Duration Time Frame
One semester 18 weeks or 54-90 hours

II. Project Description

A. Rationale of the project
We’re going to set our project in the community of Barangay Tulo. Take a look on the places/ purok /school where the activity will be done and make sure that it will be safe for all of us to declare our program there. B. Objectives

General Objectives
To promote the important of the environment in the community To make people aware of the environmental problem
Increase the rate of Civic Welfare Training Cervices

Specific Objectives
To avoid illness from dirty surrounding
To produce vegetables for the people in the community
To learn how the proper gardening

III. Project Management
A. Management viability

1. Organizational Structure

2. Services and assistance offered

We developed an abandoned lot in the barangay to be a botanical garden.

We cleaned and beautified Barangay Tulo , Batangas City by cleaning sidewalks and offered our help in the people in barangay.

3. Implementation schedule

Person Involved
Jan. 24, 2015

Class Orientation
Cleaning Mini Nursery
Sorting Biodegradable
Lay outing Plat garden
NSTP – CWTS Project
Team Leader, Members Barangay Officials
Jan. 31, 2015
Sweeping the place
Mowing of weeds
Cultivating Plat Garden
Cleaning Sidewalk of Barangay

NSTP – CWTS Project
Team Leader, Members Barangay Officials
Feb. 7, 2015
Monitoring Flat Garden
Planting Root Crops
Radish, Carrots
String beans, Cabbage
NSTP – CWTS Project
Team Leader, Members Barangay Officials
Feb. 14, 2015
Cleaning Surroundings’ of Garden
Watering plat garden
Getting bamboo sticks
NSTP – CWTS Project
Team Leader, Members Barangay Officials
Feb. 21, 2015
Maintaining the needs of the Garden
Watering Garden
Putting bamboo on the sideways

NSTP – CWTS Project
Team Leader, Members Barangay Officials
Feb. 28,...
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