Bayaning Third World

Topics: Roman Catholic Church, José Rizal, Catholic Church Pages: 2 (730 words) Published: October 2, 2014
Luna, Jochelle Roces August 4, 2014
III - BSBA (C) Rizal's Life and Works

"Bayaning Third World"
(Third World Hero)

I really don't know how to start this, for it is a movie, a documentary film/movie but not really a movie. Bayaning third world is not a kind of a movie that we are expecting to watch, see or to witness as the usual movies. This is something new to some of us. This movie/documentary film proved that it is impossible to make a movie about Dr. Jose Rizal because there are so many unanswered issues about his life. I admit that even I watched it for about two (2) times, something in his life story was still strange and unclear to me.

Reading different columns, writings and life story about Rizal, as we are studying it, helped me a lot to understand different scenarios shown in the film. What's great here is that they focused on turning back on Rizal' time for us to understand it clearly and the Film Makers 1 and 2 used to interview the relevant people in Rizal's life such as his mother Doña Teodora, his sisters Narcisa and Trinidad, his brother Paciano, his supposed wife Josephine Bracken and also the Friar that time, Father Balaguer .

I would like to focus this paper on issues he had that until now , a big question to us . The first one is about Rizal's intension to our Religion. What's really the issue of him about the Catholic Church? Is he really against in the teachings of it? Well, as we proceed in watching the movie , Doña Teodora said that Rizal is a true Chistian but she doesn't know if he has changed due to focusing on his studies in Europe. The movie stated that Rizal is not really against in the Catholic Religion, but he is against to those who runs it. For him that the goverment happend to be the church and the church being the goverment. Rizal is not against the Catholicism, but to the priests who were cruel to the Filipino people.

The second issue is about Rizal's "Retraction". He expressed his perspective against...
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