Benedict XVI

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Pope Benedict XVI: Mild and Humble

A great leader does not impose perfection at all times. Leaders also have their shortcomings to their people but on top of that, they continue to pursue their passion which is to serve those people who believed in them.

However, not all leaders are measured through their greatness. Some will be remembered because of their humility. Don't you think it's great if someone will humbly give up power knowing they can not anymore serve their people better? One can not be truly great if he does not know how to humble down himself before God. Sounds familiar? It is our former pope, Joseph Ratzinger popularly known as Pope Benedict XVI. He might not be as popular as Pope John Paul II was or our present Pope Francis but he contributed great things not just to Catholic church but to our faith as catholics.

Pope Benedict XVI's papacy testifies to a churchman of scholarship and pastoral sensitivity. He has a reputation as a theological conservative, taking uncompromising positions on homosexuality, women priests and contraceptions. He espouses Christian compassion- speaking out for human rights, protection of the environment and the fight against poverty and injustice.

The central theme of his papacy has been his defense of fundamental Christian values in the fave of what he sees as moral. He always believed that the strengths of the church came from an absolute truth that does not bend with the winds.

"If John Paul II had not been Pope, he would have been a movie star; if Benedict had not been Pope, he would have been a university professor", wrote US Vatican expert John L. Allen. Benedict was described by those who know him as laidback, with a mild and humble manner, but a strong moral core. Pope Benedict went through a lot of controversies during his reign resulting in decline in numbers of priests being recruited and millions of catholics went against the church.

Public relations for him was not a big factor. It was one of...
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