Benefits of Gardening

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Oral Assessment – Sharing Information

A very good afternoon to my respected teacher, Miss Raguna and my fellow friends. Today, I would like to share some information with you about gardening. Many people think of gardening as a chore. Others take up gardening as a hobby. Still there are others who could not even begin to give a proper definition of the term gardening. Anyway, do you love gardening? Actually, gardening offers many benefits to those who are willing to try gardening. The act of gardening goes back thousands of years. If gardens are beautiful to look at, imagine the pride and sense of accomplishment that the creator of such beauty can feel. Besides that, gardening is a great way to reduce stress, get a bit of exercise, be creative, and develop patience. The most obvious benefit of gardening is that it can be a great way to relieve stress. The hustle and bustle of everyday life is difficult to avoid. Work, family obligations, and social engagements are just some of the things that take up chunks of peoples' lives. With so much going on, many people simply forget to make time to relax and do the things they enjoy. Growing a garden requires both an investment of time and attention. Planning the garden and then caring for the garden offers the gardener a simple and inexpensive way to unwind and relax. Gardening can help a person clear the mind. Gardening allows the participant to refocus their attention on the creation. Another health related benefit of gardening is that when people tend to their gardens, they are getting exercise. Even an activity as simple as gardening can contribute towards weight loss. Do you know why? Any physical activity that gets the heart beating faster is better for the body than no activity at all. Gardening gets a person outdoors, exposed to natural air, and refocused on a pleasant activity. Gardening also offers nutritional benefits to those who choose to plant a vegetable garden....
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