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Cars and bicycles are increasingly playing important role in modern society. It is impossible to imagine human life without such means of transportation as cars and bicycles which help people to have a better life. There are several key similarities and three main differences between cars and bicycles in terms of convenience, price and effects to environment. It is clearly seen that a key similarity is that both cars and bicycles are the popular vehicles which are useful in supporting people in traveling. They help users come to the desired destinations in short time. On the other hand, cars and bikes differ in terms of convenience. Cars can carry not only many peoples, but also their baggage and suitcases, bags while it is impossible to do it by using bicycles. Moreover, it is better to travel by car than by bicycle if the weather is bad. Travelling by bicycle can cause many problems with health in rainy and cold weather. Whereas, the construction of cars gives an opportunity to shelter oneself in the car and get warm .Furthermore, cars are unlike bicycles with respect to prices. Car’s prices are expensive while bike’s prices are cheap. To buy a car, it requires people to have a lot of money. The poverty people cannot buy a car by themselves because of lack of money while bikes are more common to everyone. In addition, cars contrast with bicycles in terms of their effects to environment. The fact that cars make environment to be polluted because of using petrol to operate. However, using bikes has no negative impacts to environment. In summary, there are several similarities and three main differences between cars and bicycles.
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