Big City

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Big city and small town
in new age, social are developing with new technologies, which change life can be positive ways. Following development of technologies, they are changed and separated in environment, living place between small town and big city . People prefer to living in the big city because of available technologies in education, workplace and healthcare. In other opinions of people could like a small town because of fresh food, air and wonderful landscapes. This assay will argue benefits and comfortable for citizens. Firstly, the new technologies are principal issues in city life which could make everything become more comfortable such as education, employ and healthy. In school, explore in techniques can improve communication and teaching method between lecture and leaner easier through machines like the projector. With workplace, improving of technology increase productivity of employment because knowledge can be public globally in electronic books. It is cannot be ignored in medicine, people’s live are took care in the big city because of advance machines for curing and operating some serious cases such cancer in hospital. In addition, development of infrastructure is vital for people in city. Many kinds of transportation which citizen can choose for moving around suck like buses, taxi, cars, motorbikes and bicycles. Employers can take the bus to the office for saving pocket or cycling to be protect environment and healthy. Most of the infrastructures are necessary in a the city because of saving time and convenience. Finally, town has many job opportunities for people from its town and countryside. With diversity of trade, workers can find out many way to earn money. Sometime, the employers can train knack without any experience. Municipality is a pretty place for new leaner to study skills and it provide chances for employees to receive acquirement. -------------------------------------------------

In conclusion, big city own many benefit...
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