Bike Versus Car

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A Bike Versus A Car

There are many differences and similarities that bikes and cars share. Even though cars are more advanced and comfortable then bikes are, many people use them. Most people choose a car for transportation. Cars have many accessories that bikes do not have. For example; cars these days have anything from radios, cd players, and even navigational systems, which bikes don’t. It is impossible for a bike to have all these comfort features. Another major difference is that the car has a roof and windows to protect you from all kinds of weather. The bike on the other hand is not very protective against any type of weather. The car seats are way more comfortable then a bike’s. A bike is somewhat similar to the car though. Bikes move just like a car does, on wheels. They both have some kind of way of controlling the direction of travel. They both also have lights for night time trips. The bike has a bell which is similar to the horn in a car. They are both used for transportation and carrying things. As you can see cars and bikes are somewhat alike, but they are also different. I would pick a bike over a car because it helps me to take care of my health on a regular basis by giving me exercise. Using this method of transportation is also much cheaper financially and it fits my budget. Hopefully, one day the economy will get better so affording a car will be much easier for me in my everyday life.
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