blade runner

Topics: Sound, Film, Film score Pages: 1 (412 words) Published: September 23, 2013
ANALYSTIC REPORT ON MISE-EN-SCENE AND SOUNDTRACK ON BLADE RUNNER FINAL CUT. The almost five minute scene cut out of the blade runner consists of loads of Mise-en-scene and wonderfully placed sound tracks. Firstly, I am going to discuss the costumes and make-up. I observed that most people are wearing futuristic clothes which is very bright and colourful. This makes us the viewers believe the film was made in the future. Moreover about the lighting and colour it was a very dark scene, this also made it clear and obvious that it was night time. However while Harrison Fords is chasing his victim through the crowds and busy roads, we hear different people talking, cars making noises, we also hear the walk, don’t walk crossing machine which is kind of insisting to be heard at that time. Even our characters running. These are all diegetic sounds. This shows us as viewers how busy this road is and how uneasy it was for Harrison to catch her. Furthermore we could hear ambient sounds while she was running for her life, the panting was heard really well. When the woman was shot, we could hear the beating of her heart which tells us (the viewers) that she’s dying, and that she probably needs someone to save her or revive her from what’s happening. This occurs as a part of diegetic sound because it is actually real BUT it is also a part of a Foley sound (fake) because the heart beat was made intensified, which is more audible for us to hear. The performance and movement of the actor as a Mise-en-scene actually makes us feel sorry for her. He also with his facial expressions it gives us the impression that he didn’t want to kill her or he also felt some kind of pity for her. Although, the scene where the...
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