Book Report: bless Me Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya

Topics: Childhood, Christianity, Catholic Church Pages: 2 (749 words) Published: June 5, 2012
Elizabeth Martinez
English 9B
Ms. Saxon
June 15, 2011
“Bless Me, Ultima” (IRP#5)

Children in many cultures are forced into awkward situations, such as they are expected to make life long decision. Some children usually boys are forced to choose a bride at the very early ages. Others are to rule kingdoms, and palaces, and some even countries. In the novel “Bless Me, Ultima” written by Rudolph Anaya, Antonio experiences many difficult situations that are beyond his years and force him to mature much faster than other children his age. There were two families represented, the Marez and Lunas family. These two families were very different, but were brought by the marriage of Gabriel Marez and Maria Lunas. Through the eyes of their son Antonio one may see the comparison of the two. The author uses imagery and symbolism to illustrate that experiences throughout life can cause one to lose his innocence. The author uses imagery when Antonio, the main character only about seven years old, faces many obstacles which lead him to discover the cruelty of the world. Throughout the book, he does not realize he is losing his innocence. One of the experiences that cause Antonio to lose his innocence is witnessing Narciso’s death. Antonio says,” “Often at night I awoke from nightmares in which I saw Tenorio shooting Ultima as he had shot Narciso”, (104). By witnessing the shooting, Antonio becomes traumatized and afraid of death. His first encounter with death is a cause that leads to Antonio’s loss of innocence. This also shows imagery when, not only does this affect Antonio's innocence, but childhood in overall. Growing up with both Pagan and Christian beliefs, he is often troubled in what he should believe. His mother wants him to become a Catholic priest, but he is too insecure about his Catholic faith. At one point Tellez, goes to receive help from Ultima for protection against evil. Antonio asks himself, "So again the power of the priest has failed. Why...
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