BUS210 SWOT Analysis

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SWOT Analysis
The business plan I selected to perform my SWOT analysis on is Kona-Q, a fast-casual restaurant with a menu that focuses on healthy foods, rather than the typical fast food menu. Strengths
The President, Kevin Anderson has 7 years’ experience in the restaurant industry, and a dual major in accounting and entrepreneurship which provides good education, experience, and knowledge for this venture. The business model for Kona-Q is well developed, offers a design for the successful operation of the business, and identifies revenue sources, customer base, products and details of financing. What makes Kona-Q unique is it brings a new element to fast food by offering healthy foods with the fast-casual option of fast service and sit down dining at reasonable prices. The menu which offers healthy grilled meats and vegetables can be a very attractive to the target market which is mainly households where both parents work. Weakness

The business plan states that it will provide an “unmet dining experience”, but does not provide how this will be accomplished. The personnel plan includes a cook, a person to handle miscellaneous cleaning, a manager, and Kevin Anderson, the company President, who will search out new sites, handle accounting, grill operations and build out project management for new locations. This personnel plan has several flaws because there is no one to provide the customer with the special experience as described in the business model. If Kona-Q will provide take out as well as dine in service, the business plan needs to include a customer service person(s) that will be trained to provide the “unmet dining experience”, take customer orders and process customer payments. The organizational structure and culture needs more attention since the restaurants main focus is to make the customers dining experience one they will remember. The business plan does not address the hours of operation which could affect the entire budget. In...
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