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Business essay
Shamrock organization, centralization and federalism


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Charles handy is a business writer who is mostly accredited with anticipating changes on workplace. He uses the symbol of shamrock which is a three leafed clove to describe the changing relationship between workers and organizations. It is an organizational structure where a core of essential executives and workers are supported by outside contractors and part time help, this lead represents the organization with three types of workforce, having a main body and two connected lobes that are a whole. The first part of the leaf which is the main body is the core workers, they are highly qualified professionals and managers they are the ones who set the objectives and strategies of an organization. They have detailed knowledge of the company and how things are done, so basically they are the core to the survival and growth of the organization, they are hard to replace, and they receive rewarding financial pay and benefits, in return they are required to serve long working hours, and should have the flexibility needed to cope with any changes that might occur in an organization. The number of employees go down (small core) but productivity and pay increase since organizations want to keep their costs down. The contractual fringe is the second part of shamrock, it consists of workers that provide services such as catering, advertisements, transport and computing they are done outside the organization by agencies they are paid a certain fees for doing a specific job, the way they do it is left to them their significance to the organization is based on the amount of output and the results. This parts takes a large proportion of the work. The third part which is the flexible labor represents workers that don’t have a permanent job in the organization, they basically have a part time job or temporary job or seasonal work, they are poorly pays and since the...
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