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Non Profits Organizations
Myra Britton
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This paper contributes to the discussion of different aspects of nonprofit organizations. Non profits require many steps before begin recognized as a nonprofit organization. All of the legal requirements must be met when applying for a nonprofit business. Many companies have a hard time maintaining the business once it has been establish simply because the necessary follow up steps have not been followed or because of poor management. During this essay basic terms of nonprofits will be discussed and reviewed as an example Cancer Support Services will be examined.

Nonprofit Organizations
A nonprofit organization is created to not to make profits but to provide a service or sometimes a product that can help build communities. While other companies enter the arena of business to focus on increasing their profits nonprofits does the opposite if too much money is coming in and enough is not going out to provide the services this is viewed as failure in a nonprofit. The company must state what the mission is that they are going to accomplish and must select a certain type of audience since most of the income is begin generated through donations. During this essay the different aspects of nonprofit organizations operations will be reviewed and explained in details. Elements of Business

Every organization has some form of elements that provide an outline to keep them running smoothly and effectively. While nonprofits has the same outline using methods that help attract consumers that can help the company move in a forward direction. One of the most important elements is the mission statement this sums up the organization and explains which type of people the organization wants to help. While helping to find individuals who want to support the company efforts in providing the services and to help continuing the use of the services. Another element that is needed when organizing a nonprofit is the Articles of Incorporation this is a public record stating the company name and location(s) also providing the name of the board of directors. This step occurs after the company has been registered with the state that the company is operating from. Also during creating a nonprofit a board of directors must be created. Most stated require that this step is performed however where there is no such requirement is it still suggested. Creating a board of directors like at Cancer Support Services help manage financial accountability and able to gain knowledge from different expertise from each individual. Cancer Support Service is a 501(c) (3) which makes it tax exempt by submitting an application to the IRS they were able to obtain this status. However when begin classified as a charity the company relies on donations to help support the distribution of products that are needed to help patients who are fighting cancer. The basic legal functions of a nonprofit are typically limited liability which means if the company faces a law suit from a person or other organization. Only the assets of the corporation can be reached by a suing party. Structure and Issues

The management structure that C.S.S is using is a simple advancement from within the business meaning that most times when a high level position becomes available the selected managers selects someone from within the company who is demonstrating that they understand the company policies and what exactly is expected from a manager. While C.S.S still depends on the board of directors to determine major factors for the company such as location, what donors to call and etc the simple operations for everyday are handle by the general manger. Some of the operational issues that have been acknowledge as hindering the organization would be the dialer system that the company is using. With Cancer Support Services calling different donors to help support cancer patients approximately six thousand phone calls...

References: Anthony, Robert.N (200X). Non- profits financial issues. Title of Journal or Magazine Where You Found Article, vol(no.), 11-12. Retrieved May 12, 2009 from AIU LIBRARY.
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