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Table Of Contents Page
2.Main Forms Of Communication4
2.1 Internal Operational Communication5
2.2 External Operational Communication6
2.3 Informal Outside Communication7
2.4 Personal Communication7
3.Communication Network8
3.1 Formal Communication Network8
a) Downward Communication8
b) Upward Communication9
c) Horizontal Communication10
3.2 Informal communication network10
4.Groups dynamics Communication11
4.1 Characteristic of Groups11
4.2 Elements of groups12
4.3 Function of group dynamics13
5. Important of good communication between groups14
6. Three recommendation how group can improve communication14 7.Conclusion

Communication enables human being to work together, understand and create business relationships and opportunities. As such Business requires people with good communication skills which are writing, speaking, listening and interpersonal skills and it becomes major and essential part of business work. The importance of good communication can be divided into 2 which are organisation and individual. As for organization, effective communication can bring increments in productivity, good understanding and harmony among employees, good communication between customer and business associates and most importantly job done efficiently. For the individual is to increase the ability to accomplish assigned task. In today’s world rapid development of business requires good communication skills especially in business operation and in recruitments of staff. A research by Robert Hall International on 1000 employees in US shows that 96% of employees with good communication skills were reported to be move ahead in their career. New communication technologies are emerging rapidly in business environment and it works hand in hand with workers who are knowledgeable. Integration of computer technology, message created, stored, processed and distributed in short period of time through digital streams. As such communication has become very complex process in today’s world which needs good communication skills otherwise the whole business system will collapse and will become very costly to overcome. Communication actually involves the process of sending, decoding and receiving messages. However, it only becomes effective if the messages is understood and stimulate the receiver to think in new ways. Communication is vastly used in business on relationship between customer, client, business associated and the staff. So it is crucial for workers and organisation strives to improve communication skills. Whatever position a person obtains in business they will be judged largely by their ability to communicate. As such good communication promises reward and advancement.

For example:
1) Providing leadership: The ability to motivate and help others achieve, depends on the leader’s ability to understand human nature and mastering communication skills. 2) Being productive on the job: Work performance is improved and done efficiently when there is ability to listen effectively, speak clearly and write competently. 3) Assuring the success of organisation: Organisation will only succeed when the staffs are competent and effective and efficient with communication skills because they can support the organization by communicating effectively to customer and clients about the organisation product or service. Example:...

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Information flow in business communication accomplishes the task of business and the task accomplishment related to whom and how message are communicated. Communication need to follow a formal chain of command when it comes to work the related.
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