CAG(Comptroller and Auditor General of India)

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Role of CAG in Meeting Challenges of
Good Governance 

“A nation is a perception of how its people regulate and order their mechanism of governing and developing themselves and
their country as a whole”.
This statement may not be found written anywhere, but it definitely underlines the importance of governance. With the decade of 21st century completed, the question of good governance has become more important. The reason this quotation has presented itself. India’s image, though a developing and progressing country find itself placed among high importance countries, is still of somewhat poor achiever in case of social and development causes.

After Independence the writers of the constitution themselves wanted the Government Of India to be evaluated for its functions and thereby created Comptroller and Auditor General of India and placing it in the constitution giving it a constitutional validity. Before we define the role of the CAG in establishing good governance, it is important to define governance as whole as well good governance and understanding the nature, powers and duties of CAG. Different meanings to governance have been attributed to governance by people of different backgrounds, during different contextual and social factors, for developing and developed countries. This means that governance cannot be a given a single meaning. It is influenced by time and motion of the prevailing circumstances.

In simple terms it means a generic sense to the task of running the government. But for the purpose of this article the definition of governance which is suitable in the Indian context now a days is aptly given by British Council:

“Governance refers to a process whereby elements in society wield power, authority and influence and enact policies and decisions concerning public life and social upliftment." This definition is an inclusive concept which includes government and their policies effectiveness leading to good governance.

Proceeding with defining, good governance is a simply a positive attitude of governance where the policies and management is simply a reflection of developmental goal. A comprehensive definition has been provided by the World Bank: “Good governance is epitomized by predictable, open and enlightened policy­making, a bureaucracy imbued with professional ethos acting in furtherance of the public good, the rule of law, transparent processes, and a strong civil society participating in public affairs. Poor governance (on the other hand) is characterized by arbitrary policy making, unaccountable bureaucracies, unenforced or unjust legal systems, the abuse of executive power, a civil society unengaged in public life and widespread corruption”.

This definition reveals in subtle terms that what accounts for the poor governance become the challenges for the good governance. In other words, the characteristics of poor governance are obstacles of good governance.

In India, Governance is still in the evolving process, even though it has been 50 years of independence. The reason for this is that after independence the system and governance were quite busy in coming out of the trauma of being subordinated under the British Rule and lessening the aftermath. Certain developments were necessary to sustain the freedom, which definitely kept the system getting the malaise of poor governance. But as the years passed and now mind and power could be focused on the invention and innovation in improving the governance that developed its negative side which now is again in transition as new equation of knowledge develops.

The question that is pervading all the sections of the society “Is whether to have a government which accountable and responsible possible”?
The answer is a simple “yes”. The solution to the problem to the current scenario of governance lies in the coordination and the proactive functioning of the watch­dog...
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