Car Theft in the United States

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Car Thefts in the United States
Owning a car has turned into an essential part of living day by day in order to move around the city, travel and work. Owning a vehicle has turned from a want to a need. Today in the United State many people deal face to face with having their car stolen. This issue has any people worried daily since their vehicle can be stolen in any place or at any time. The issue highly affects the victim in many ways, since it leads to loss, damages and in many cases it puts people and objects in danger. Car thefts are over thirty times greater that credit card thefts and even fraud, not only that car theft is almost 500 times greater that bank robberies. The results of car thefts are very high. Problem

Auto theft has been an issue that has been around for many years which is still affecting many people today. To be more concrete auto theft has been around since the first vehicle was invented. In 1919 the first act to automobile theft was passed, but before the act there were no laws that protected the people’s investments and vehicles. The first act for automobiles theft was called the Dyer Act of 1919. “The Dyer Act, popularly known as the National Motor Vehicle Theft Act, made interstate transportation of stolen vehicles a federal crime. This law imposed harsh sentences -- fines and up to 10 years imprisonment -- on those who transported stolen vehicles across state lines. Passed in 1919, the Dyer Act was an attempt to supplement states' efforts to combat automobile theft. Particularly in areas close to state lines, state law enforcement authorities were seriously hampered by car thieves' ability to transport stolen vehicles beyond the jurisdiction in which the theft occurred” ("History Of Auto-Theft Legislation", 2011, par. 1). The act against car theft was first mentioned in 1919 but it was taken into consideration and started on the 26th of January 1922. The act was approved by the House of Representatives and later by the senate and committee. Today, In the United States one major issue that has many people concerned is having their car stolen. The issue highly affects the victim in many ways, since it leads to loss, damages and in many cases it puts people and objects in danger. These types of issues can be solved by understanding the causes and effects of theft. The information that will lead to the solving of the issue can be found by brainstorming the issue like asking simple questions such as: which vehicles are being stolen, the time frames they are being stolen, areas which they are being stolen from, and who are the potential victims of auto theft. A way to solve the issue is that the United States informs the public and all the car owners of how to protect themselves from thefts. Importance

This research that was written is to try to help the community and people so they can understand that as well as other people that have their vehicle stolen does not mean it cannot happen to anyone else. Just by reading the paper maybe it will make a better understanding of auto theft and to lock your cars or put a lock on the steering wheel or something that can prevent their car being stolen. The people can be more aware of their cars for when they leave these vehicles park somewhere. One will gain more knowledge of what to look for that might put up a red flag and alert them. Problem Definition

There is a list of the top ten areas for auto theft in the United States in 2010 and the National Insurance Crime Bureau has this list. One of the top cities that auto theft occurs more often is California, there you have to watch your back all the time and keep an eye on your car, to get to know what and who is in your surroundings. The NICB show or gives a fact that in LA auto thieves are more attracted to Japanese cars. The Ohio-based Progressive Insurance made a survey the state’s 55% of cars have their doors unlocked, 34% leave their car windows half down or open, 6% really leave the keys in the car...

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