Career Advancement Tips

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Career advancement is like constructing a building. When you are building a house, you have to lay a good foundation, use very strong building blocks and very good workmen to handle the job. The same process applied to career advancement, you have to take the following steps sequentially to advance forward in your career. I have seen so many people caged in a job they are not happy with. These people will always flock together holding a pity party during office hours when they are suppose to be working, thereby closing the possibility of improving and moving ahead.

One important step I need to take to avoid this type of situation is to choose the right employer. Whenever I am searching for a job, I have made it a point of duty to do a thorough background research of the company I intend to work it. This will enable me to make an informed decision on whether the company is the right employer for me. I need to know the life cycle stage of the company. Is the company still growing? I need to answer this question in the affirmative for me to be able to say yes to any offer. A growing company will give me numerous opportunities to progress at work compared to a company that is stagnant. I will always need to know whether the growth will continue and if not I will not put my pen to paper for such an organisation. Relevant to this point is whether the organisation has a good reputation in the industry. If I am going to join any company, their reputation in the industry will determine whether I will grow working for them. It is always very difficult to sell a company with bad reputation in the market place. I will never think of applying to such an organisation because I will never be proud working for them and this will stall my progress.

Follow up to this, I will need to apply for a role that I am comfortable with, not anything offered me. The...
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