Cars of Today vs. Cars of Yesterday

Topics: Automobile, Internal combustion engine, Gasoline Pages: 2 (805 words) Published: August 6, 2012
Cars of Today vs. Cars of Yesterday

The cars of today and the cars of yesterday have many similarities as well as many differences. Many of these similarities include; optimal handling, technology ahead of their time, basic parts such as a motor, wheels, a drivetrain and a body. Many of the practices used when (automobiles first originated in 1672) are being used even to this day. According to the United States Automobile Association, (cars are a vital part of today’s society and play a large role in the ability of our world to be as technologically advanced as we are). In this paper I will be comparing and contrasting the today’s automobile versus the cars of yesterday. The cars of today and the cars of yesterday have many notably similarities as well as many differences. First, lets compare the body of the new versus old cars. In the early era of cars the bodies were more of a way of helping the car support itself and to serve as a platform to bolt parts to. There wasn’t a particular style the makers were going after other than the elegance of the interior, which was a mark of the time. On our halfway point between the beginning and today, when examining the style of the bodies, it become prevalent that the makers began to focus more on looks and styling as opposed to general use. (Motortrend defines this time and the time shortly before as a period in which people wanted their cars to be able to lure a mate into). This is why most of the front ends were long and phallic like, with two doors and a short trunk space. Today the body of the automobile has completely changed in shape and objective, although, some car manufacturers have returned to their roots and began to incorporate styling cues from the hot rod era. Today’s cars have more rounded bodies with a smaller profile. Part of the reason why so much has changed is directly related to the safety concerns of the public. Manufacturers must be aware and proactive of the general car buyer’s consensus...
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