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Topics: Investment, Foreign exchange market, Finance Pages: 2 (373 words) Published: July 24, 2013

Objectives: The primary objective of this course is to acquaint the students to emerging Global Trends in Business Environment.

Course Contents:
International Business: An Overview - Types of International Business; The External Environment; The Economic and Political Environment, The Human Cultural Environment, Influence on Trade and Investment Patterns, Recent World Trade Trend, Recent Foreign Investment Trend.

Theories and Institutions: Trade and Investment - Government Influence on Trade Investment, Determination of Trading Partner's Independence, Interdependence and Dependence; World Financial Environment, Cross National Cooperation and Agreement, GATT, UNCTAD.

World Financial Environment: Foreign Exchange Market Mechanism; Determinants of Exchange Rates; Euro Currency Markets, Offshore Financial Centers, International Banks, Non Banking Financial Service Firms, Stock Markets; Financial Derivatives.

Foreign Direct Investment: Aspects of the Economic Environment, Factor Mobility and Direct Investment, Transfer Logistics in the Transnational Corporation, Shifts in Center of Power
Functional Management, Operations and Concerns Marketing: Market Size Analysis, Product Policy, Pricing, Promotion, Distribution

Finance : Internal sources of Funds, Global Cash Management, Financing International Trade, Risk Management, Financial aspects of the Investment Decisions.

Multinational Accounting and Tax Functions: Factors Influencing the Development of Accounting, Transaction in Foreign Currency, Translating of Foreign Currency, Financial Statements; Taxation- Taxation of Foreign source income; Double tax Treaties. Human Resource Management: Management Qualifications and Characteristics, Foreign Managerial Transfers, Recruitment and Selection, Management Training, Labour Market Differences, Collective Bargaining.

Country Evaluation and Selection: Scanning for Alternative, Return on Investment - Country Comparison...
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